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Sacred Bear Newsletter

White Buffalo vs. Sacred Buffalo


 White Buffalo                                 Sacred Buffalo

There has been some confusion with howlite the "white buffalo" being mistaken for white turquoise the "sacred buffalo."

I have heard of howlite and sometimes calcite and quartz being referred to by some as the "white buffalo" not to be mistaken with the "Sacred Buffalo", which is the white turquoise from the Dry Creek Mine.

Some jewelers use it and try to pass it off as turquoise.

Howlite accepts a nice polish and its porcelaneous luster is attractive and enhances even undyed beads and carvings. Unfortunately it has low hardness, but it still has a distinct toughness. California is the source for almost all of the howlite trade where nodules of up to one hundred pounds have been found."

Howlite in it's own right is a beautiful stone. The only purpose of this article is help clear up some questions people have had regarding white turquoise and howlite. They are not one and the same. Howlite is sometimes referred to as the "white buffalo." This is sometimes confused with the term "sacred buffalo" given to the white turquoise found in the Dry Creek Mine.